Learn About Solar

Higher energy bills, power outages, and air pollution are all problems we would like to avoid.

Investing in solar power is a great choice for homeowners and business-owners that want to do their part in providing a solution to these climate change-related issues. Why?

1. Solar is a Smart Investment

Now is a great time to go solar. Local rebates from CPS Energy and a federal tax credit have made solar power more affordable. It may be possible for you to have 50 percent of your system installation cost covered by rebates and incentives. These incentives will not last forever and are quickly running out.

Installing solar power can also increase your home’s value. The best part is that the extra value added by a solar energy system is not taxable by state law.

Also, since solar power is not tied to the fluctuating cost of fossil fuels, a solar installation will help protect you against escalating energy costs.

2. Solar is Safe

As a renewable source of energy, solar power has no greenhouse gas emissions and does not produce any radioactive waste. This makes solar power a safe choice that does not have any harmful health or environmental effects.

3. Solar is Independent

When you install solar, you reduce the amount of electricity you need to purchase from a utility. Most utilities use power plants to burn coal, natural gas, or oil, which means electricity rates increase rapidly throughout time to reflect changes in the economy.

On the other hand, solar is not dependent on the fossil fuel marketplace. Most utilities use net metering to credit your energy bill with the amount of energy that your solar system generated.

Going completely off-the-grid is an option, but very expensive. A battery must be purchased to store energy. Also, a customer usually has to be tied to the grid to take advantage of rebates.