Solar Roundtables

Solar Roundtables

Solar San Antonio regularly invites companies and individuals involved in the sale or installation of solar equipment, either thermal or photovoltaic, to attend a Solar Roundtable discussion. We convene with representatives of the City of San Antonio and CPS Energy to discuss how things are going, identify existing or potential problems, and discuss ideas for improving the process.
June 24, 2013

Met to develop solutions addressing the depletion of available rebate funding for 2013. Following this roundtable, a solution to reallocate funds from future rebate budgets to the 2013 budget was adopted. It was also decided that rebate amounts should be reduced from $2 to $1.60.
May 17, 2013

The solar industry convened to discuss CPS Energy’s proposed SunCredit program which would have ended net metering for new solar customers.
January 24, 2012

Discussion of the proposed rebate for 2012-2013.
July 14, 2011

A look into OSHA rules and regulations, solar financing, and new HOA law briefing
April 4, 2011

Relaunch of the Bring Solar Home campaign and the revision of STEP
January 11, 2011

Rebate discussion and updates with CPS officials
August 24, 2010

A session to brief local installers on our new Bring Solar Home campaign
March 2, 2010

An information session on the STEP program, Solartricity, and other policy updates
December 16, 2009

Recent developments in the local solar market and several incentive strategies to drive solar demand in our city were discussed.
August 25, 2009

New developments related to solar implementation, certification requirements, pulling permits getting inspections, and CPS Energy solar incentives.