Community Projects

7fffb1f0-d84b-44ec-b062-112c86d761ac-224x300The main objective for this project is to design a solar water heating system that is affordable for low-income families in San Antonio, Texas. Commercially available solar water heaters have a high up front cost and a lengthy payback period of 12 years or longer. This acts as a disincentive for low-income and other families to switch from electric or gas to solar water heaters. Our batch water heater is designed with an initial cost of $2400 and a payback period of approximately 2 years. An installation cost of $1000 is included in the initial cost. The design also aims to meet SRCC OG-300 certifications, receive federal tax credits and qualify for CPS Energy rebates which is included in the payback period calculation. Our design will easily integrate with existing electric water heater to act as a preheater and reduce the user’s energy bills.

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MadSCI Solar Car Project – James Madison High School

Based at James Madison High School, MadSCI is a team of students, faculty, and outside advisors designing and building an entry in the Winston Solar Car Challenge in Dallas, Texas. Our vehicle the Solar Ray I will turn classroom experience in renewable energy into a real world application!

The MadSCI Solar Car Team is looking for support to build Solar Ray II to compete at the Shell Eco Marathon and Winston Solar Car challenge this summer. If you wish to support them, click here to learn more.