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Special to the Express-News • September 2005

‘Bridge builder’ Sinkin turns 99
Vicki Vaughan – San Antonio Express News • May 18, 2012

Once there was a 6-year-old San Antonio boy who went to school wearing a velvet suit, his hair long and curly.
He got roughed up at recess that day and was told by kids his age, “Your religion doesn’t belong here.”
That boy, the son of Russian immigrants, turns 99 years old today. His name is Bill Sinkin, and he told an adoring crowd of 300 Friday that the incident was “unforgettable.” The brush with prejudice helped fuel his passion for justice.

San Antonio honors Solar SA founder Bill Sinkin
Beyond Paychecks – San Antonio Current • May 24, 2012

Over the weekend I had the rewarding opportunity to attend Solar San Antonio’s annual fundraising luncheon celebrating its founder and chairman, Bill Sinkin, on the occasion of his 99th birthday. Friends, family, and city leaders honored Bill’s life, with eccentric bow ties mimicking his style, an auction benefiting the city’s solar future, as well as a bit of roasting.

Bill Sinkin Honored for a Lifetime of Service
Eileen Pace – Texas Public Radio News • August 17, 2011

Sinkin himself has created a second life. After working in banking, politics, and business over the years, Sinkin has re-invented himself as an environmentalist. Along with his son, Sinkin founded Solar San Antonio and is working for a cleaner, safer form of energy.

“Solar is the cleanest, the best, the most permanent, the most powerful energy source in the world.,” Sinkin said.

May 20, 2011: Sinkin feted for 98th year
Tracy Idell Hamilton, San Antonio Express-News

When Sinkin first approached CPS to help fund his fledgling organization, the utility’s big push
into solar was a set of panels atop its San Pedro service center. Today, CEO Doyle Beneby is
working to bring another 80 megawatts of solar to town, on top of the 14-megawatt Blue Wing
solar farm in southern Bexar County.

May 20, 2011: Bow Ties and Big Idea for Bill Nye the Science Guy and Bill Sinkin the (98-year-old!) Solar Guy – Rebecca Fontenot, San Antonio Magazine

…hundreds of people gathered to “tip their hats” to Sinkin, to the Solar Heroes the nonprofit recognized and to keynote speaker, solar activist and icon of my childhood Bill Nye. Sinkin and Nye both have a penchant for bow ties, and many guests sported their own in honor. Read more…

May 18, 2011: Hemisfair Driving Force Now a Pioneer of Solar Energy at 98
Randy Beamer, News 4 WOAI

One of the most enduring, colorful characters in San Antonio celebrates his 98th birthday this week, with a big party/fundraiser for his latest “baby” called Solar San Antonio.

Randy Beamer talks with the man who was a driving force behind HemisFair, Goodwill, Public Housing in San Antonio, and now, Solar Power.

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SOLAR HEROES – Bill Sinkin | San Antonio

By Seth Masia
Published: March 18, 2009

Bill Sinkin turns 96 in May. He’s been a progressive force in his native San Antonio for most of the past century.