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solar-san-antonioWelcome to the official solar power San Antonio website where we talk about solar power and how it can be applied into your everyday life.

With oil becoming more and more expensive every day it’s important to remember that the Sun can provide us with electricity too.

We can harness the Sun’s energy and convert it into electricity especially in a sunny place like San Antonio.

A commonplace that we may place our solar panels are on the roof or in the garden.

These panels are made up of photo voltaic cells and can literally transform your life.

The energy that these solar panels gather can be used to power your home and even your car and because sunlight is so abundant it’s also a lot cheaper.

In San Antonio at least, after the panels are installed there are no other costs apart from maintenance now and again.

This means that in the long run you will end up saving a lot of money by installing solar panels onto your home.

As of the year 2015 1% of all energy used in San Antonio comes from solar power.

This is a lot better than 2004 when only 0.01 of energy came from solar power so we are siing big changes.

As fossil fuels dwindle and time moves on it’s very likely that more and more of the energy that we use will come from solar power so it’s important to get started right away.

Here’s a picture of how the solar panels may look on your home.



The cool thing about getting solar panels installed on your home is that you may even be able to get a rebate of up to $25,000 by the government.

So not only will you be able to save money on your electricity bills but also on the installation of your new energy source too.

Fossil Fuels vs Solar Power in San Antonio

It’s no secret that burning fossil fuels is bad for our environment. Our reliance on coal, natural gas and oil has led us to burn lots of it to create energy.

The problem is that these are really bad for the environment as burning fossil fuels releases lots of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And it helps if you can read the phenq review before buying it.

These pollutants are not only bad for us as human beings having to breathe in all these harmful chemicals but they’re also detrimental to the environment.

We see polar ice caps melting, sea levels rising and holes in our ozone layers.

It’s vital for us that we move our reliance away from burning fossil fuels and move onto something that is not only sustainable but also clean.

Solar energy is all around us. The sun can provide us enough energy for the rest of our lives as long as we take leap and get started.

The first thing to do is contact your local Solar San Antonio installers and get a quote and get yours installed.

Solar Power and Wind Energy Together

Many people around the world are now coupling solar power and wind energy for a double whammy.

On a sunny day the solar panels will collect energy and on a windy day maybe when it’s not so sunny the wind turbine will collect the wind’s energy too.

It’s amazing to think that we can collect energy from the sun and the phen375 review wind but we can!

Why Solar San Antonio then? Well because solar power is so important and if we don’t start making changes now then pretty soon it’ll be too late.

Hi, my name is Greg and I’m a solar power enthusiast from San Antonio.

In my spare time I love to ride my bike.

In my opinion there’s nothing better than riding a bike. Some electric bikes are even solar powered now.

When I was a kid I loved riding my bike and getting fresh air. I never watched tv or anything like that. All I ever wanted to do was ride my bike.

When I got older I stopped riding my bike for a long time and it suddenly hit me when I was about 35 that I was missing out.

I went almost 15 years without riding but when I got back on my bike after all that time I felt free again.

And that’s why I love Solar San Antonio because you need to do the things that make you happy.

If we all move to solar power then we will stop using so much fossil fuel and polluting our atmosphere with so many crazy bulk reviews carbon dioxide.

So I don’t know about you but I see a lot of reward for using solar power and not a lot of risk.

When you live in a sunny place like Solar San Antonio there is enough energy from the sun to run our entire home.

Plus it’s cheaper than fossil fuels.

The only people that don’t read the benefits of using testofuel from solar power are the rich oil tycoons.

So that’s why I love Solar San Antonio and I hope that you do too!